LED plant lighting market analysis

With the continued expansion of LED in the area of plant lighting, led grow light gradually applied to various fields such as agricultural crop production, fruit and vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation and so on. Although the application is less than the size of an ordinary commercial lighting or home lighting as widely, but the lighting of plants as a special field of application of LED, because of their superiority, gradually recognized by the market. The  market demand growing. Lighting giant played a positive role in promoting the entire plant lighting industry.

1 LED Grow Light HY-MD-D169-S

In the background of lighting market competion intense and environmental health problems increasingly prominent, plant lighting applications has become one of the development direction of LED.  Many LED manufacturers have started plant lighting business. Generally,the light source used in traditional plant cultivation is generally fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium and incandescent lamps. These light sources are selected based on the adaptability of the human eye. There are a lot of unnecessary spectral wavelengths which have little use in promoting plant growth. As the fourth-generation new lighting source, LED have so many important features such as energy saving, safe, reliable, long life, short response time, small size, light weight, less heat and easily dispersed or combination control. The wavelength of light emitted from ultraviolet C (~ 250nm) to the infrared (~ 1000nm) wide interval range, and each LED emits light of a wavelength range can be very narrow. Thus, it is a truly spectrum control capability and very efficient plant lighting source.

Global LED lighting application of plant output in 2017 is expected to reach $ 500 million. Plant lighting as an emerging market, attracting a large number of international giants to open up.

In May 2016, Panasonic announced that they delivered “Artificial light type plant factory system.” to West Japan company’s corporate SG Greenhouse Gas. SG Greenhouse from January 2016 began planting demonstration experiments. After that, from May 20, they start selling “low potassium lettuce.” which the potassium content is reduced to the original 20% (98mg / 100g or less). It is reported that artificial light type plant factory system and cultivation technology combines multiple technologies of Panasonic, including the plant breeding control technology, lighting, air conditioning and other environmental control technology. The plant factory system will reduce power consumption while providing a homogeneous cultural environment, improving cultivation yields, contributing to the industrialization of agriculture.



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