LED Light Distribution Method of 14 Kinds of Plants

Sunlight is made up of many different wavelengths of light composed, and only a very small part of the impact on photosynthesis in the solar radiation spectrum, about 5% of the proportion of sunlight. PopularGrow early as 2006 he began to study the spectrum of special LED grow light, through the study results 620-680nm red and blue-violet light 400-500nm best ratio, which successfully developed many popular products.

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Here is part of the research ratio parameters:

(1) Lettuce: planting and breeding red and blue light respectively 6:1 and 7:1 source best suited to its growth.

(2) leeks: Red / Blue 7:1 process under leek plant height, stem diameter, leaf width ratio mass were significantly higher than other treatments.

(3) Cucumber: 7:2 is best suitable for cucumber seedling growth ratio of red and blue. The growing proportion of 7:1 for the best red and blue.

(4) green vegetables, spinach: it is appropriate to 7:1 vegetables, spinach leaves grow best ratio of red and blue.

(5) white radish: Growth optimum light quality: red and blue ratio 8:1.

(6) Lettuce: red and blue ratio of 9:1 conducive to the growth of lettuce.

(7) strawberries, tomatoes: red and blue 9:1 on strawberries, tomatoes grown the most favorable, and full of fruit and nutritious.

(8) Holly: 8 to 1 ratio of red and blue in accordance with the configuration, holly grow best, very strong and well-developed root system.

(9) Sprouts: red, green and blue light ratio 6:2:1 most obvious effect.

(10) Calla: growth to fill according to the proportion of red and blue 6:2 best.

(11) Anthurium sun: a comprehensive analysis of red and blue 7/3 treated better, help shape, root growth and dry matter accumulation.

(12) Dendrobium: 7/3 red and blue, the proliferation of the best; 6:4, the more conducive to photosynthesis recruits and material accumulation.


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