LED Grow Light: Energy Saving and Efficient

LED Grow Lights are mostly blue and red lights bead-based, providing the plant required energy according to plant light needs, promoting normal plant photosynthesis to help plants grow normally. The visual effect, the combination of red and blue LED plant growth lamp showing pink.

led grow light.jpg

Blue light helps plants in collaboration with, can effectively promote the growth of stems and leaves of plants, fruit formation, protein synthesis; red flowering plant can greatly contribute to help increase flowering rate and extend the flowering period, while increasing fruit set and fruit quality .

It was found that planting multi-word, LED grow lights effect is very significant, after using LED grow lights, plant growth rate than the average natural growth of plants up to about three times faster, but also solve the annoying lack of sunlight in winter greenhouses and plant Lights enhance collaboration light plant chlorophyll, carotene and anthocyanins used as needed to shorten the cycle of plant growth and maturation time to market, increase production while also improving the quality of the product.

LED light source known as a semiconductor light source, narrow wavelength control, can send a specified wavelength spectrum, usually seen in the color of light is controlled to control the wavelength of light (spectra).

LED grow light power is small, but the efficiency is very high indeed. Most of the time we use lamps, light emitted from a variety of bands, covering the entire range of visible light, only red and blue for normal growth of the plant, a large part of the energy is wasted, which is why a few ten-watt LED grow light also benefits less than the effect of planting hundreds of watts of traditional plant lamp.

Traditional plant species lamps, sodium comparative lack of Blu-ray, the relative lack of red mercury. After multiple test summary. Overall performance LED grow light to be higher than many other plants grow light in agriculture efficient, energy-saving made truly outstanding contributions.



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