Some Demands of Greenhouse Plants to LED Lighting

Artificial light is an essential part of commercial greenhouse production, such as indoor production, similar to the completely artificial light plant factory, no natural light indoors, to be totally artificial light. Lack of natural light, but also need artificial light, such as seasonal light deficiency (northern, southwest, north haze), in order to ensure the quality of horticultural products, artificial light increases and the like.

In practice, insiders pointed out that the designer during the design for LED grow light, there are some difficulties, such as lack of fill light LED lamp parameters, lack of design parameters; the higher the installation height, LED light can not reflect the advantages of brachytherapy ; while production of varieties, look for a large LED lighting technology risk; no economic calculation, can not assess the actual economic benefits; outside the laboratory without reference design case and so on. Finally, the designers still choose the traditional lamp, there are some considerations: detailed design parameters such as lighting, design method mature convenient; there are success stories reference, technical risk is small; a number of varieties can be used in the same light, will not cause cuts risk, economic benefit can be expected; extreme low temperatures, high pressure sodium lamp can add calories to make up for lack of heating.




For LED grow light, the industry needs and also some recommendations, one needs Universal / professional lighting, more fool-Korean goods, so relatively easy to promote, such as nursery lamp, light fruits and vegetables, leafy vegetables lights, flower lights, group Pui lights. If all greenhouse redesigned again, the cost is very high, if not standardized, it is difficult to standardize the user, it is difficult to standardize the production, the price will be very high. Universal / professional indoor lighting some needle, such as plant factory, some are against Daejeon, Fill it, there are some studies class.

On the other hand, to improve the design parameters. Because LED application, the designer will be from Standard and safety point of view, LED lamps and traditional lamps will be compared, so the LED lighting performance parameters as detailed as possible, to facilitate the direct selection of the designer. Reference lighting, styling lighting products should provide a complete design parameters for the designer to optimize the fill light scheme. Such as the XX curve, in order to achieve the fill light design visualization.

In addition, the applicability of new technologies, including the applicability and suitability of species to be regional pilot production, through pilot production to get the data can be used to guide production.


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