Plant Growth Conditions

To understand how plants cultivated before, we must first know the conditions necessary for plant growth. Of course the sun, air, water is indispensable, but how much sun, how much to water, which requires your attention. Go outside understanding of plant growth environment.

Condition of plants is most needed is sunshine. In addition to the sun, but also with the air, temperature and humidity, moisture, etc. multiple conditions, in order to grow healthy. For those who want to learn horticultural novice, before the flower market, may wish to look into the outdoor plants. Strange, no one to take care of these plants, why also looked good? In fact, as long as the favorable environmental conditions, the plant is easy to grow healthy.

Look at what the whole plant under the sun? Which is in the shade? Wall plants only when the sun is in the sun to get it? We can further identify the same plant in different places of growth, plant growth conditions so you will need even more apparent.

Sunshine is the most important key for plant growth, according to the extent of saying therefore decided home environment suitable for what kind of flower. Plant has its own optimum growth temperature, general home common plant mostly tropical plants, special attention should be cold. Some drought-tolerant plants, some like plenty of moisture, must be adjusted depending on the plant habit. Plant growth medium is a medium, select the appropriate media make it easier for plants

Light intensity and time of various plants need are not the same, it is generally based on the needs of the plant will be divided into three kinds of light conditions, which is in the gardening books often see full sun, half shade and sunshine. Although the plant is best placed in the appropriate light conditions, but in fact, some plants that can be grown under different sunlight conditions, but may be fast or slow the growth of cattle production, flowering or not flowering, leaf color leaf unequal differences.

Full said means according to each of the above said direct sunshine time on the plant for about six hours, a whole day is simply to be the best from the sun. General outdoor no shade at the south-facing balcony or no, there is full sun conditions.

It needs full sun plants, also known as positive plants. Most flower plants, fruit trees, herbs and plants, aquatic plants, vines, succulents and so need full sun bad environment. If you need anti-season planting, you must fill-light use led grow light or other fixtures.


The so-called sunshine half refers to the sunshine filtered light – half intensity, not according to the time to comment. The location is under the shade outdoors, such as shade, north or east-facing balcony, south-facing windowsill or shading may shine more moderate sunlight.

Many indoor flowering plants such as pansy Africa, and most of the foliage plants are suitable for semi-sunshine environment. Part of flower plants can be kind, just bright colors may not be less amount spent.

Shade-tolerant, that is not saying direct sunlight, but it does not mean completely dull, but still there is enough light around the room near the windows, you can have a scattering of sunlight. You can also use artificial lighting to supplement the light.

Suitable plants: in principle, suitable for flowering plants. But Sun needs little foliage plants are grown in shade-tolerant environment.

Air: plants are also breathing when they are carrying out photosynthesis, you need air. Air is present in all the time, with outdoor air office has slaughtered, but the condition is not the same. Therefore, the air condition we can think of the degree of air circulation. The vast majority of plants need a well-ventilated environment. How to determine whether a well-ventilated, in fact, rely on their own feelings on the line, compared to the air-conditioned office, do you feel more comfortable outdoors. In a well-ventilated conditions, plants can grow more smoothly, and difficult to produce pest. However, too much wind will be harmful to plants, such as strong wind, high-rise next to the air conditioner or fan outlet, is not well-ventilated place.

Temperature and humidity: plants suitable for the growth of its temperature, as the temperature will be self-adaptation, in general, proper temperature is based on the growth of plants in different environments decisions, some like heat, some can withstand low temperatures. However, in summer and winter there are still too high, too low temperatures occur, will lead to heat exhaustion possible temperate plants, tropical plants can not stand the cold winter, then we should do because the plant needs to adjust the temperature on. In addition to wet the needs of different plants are not the same. Plants from tropical rain forests, like the more humid environment: a relative from the desert, on the environmental conditions necessary drying it. Therefore, in comparison arid or humid rainy season, but also pay attention to whether the plants adapt well.


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