LED plant lighting applied to the future farm

Pink greenhouse is expected to make everyone eat

Crops are not just need LED grow light irradiation, we have to consider the LED grow light energy efficiency, efficient provision of crop growth in the process of light and temperature environment.

Different plants of different wavelengths, different colors of light, the reaction is not the same. For example, grapes need a longer sunshine time, LED lights in the red wavelength is a little more.

But strawberries need a large temperature difference, high heat, sunshine time is shorter, the proportion of Blu-ray is necessary to increase. According to the needs of different crops and growth environment to deploy the design, which also allows the technical threshold of light plants continue to increase.

The United States, Britain, the Netherlands and other countries of the rapid rise of the “pink greenhouse” is also an example.

Pink refers to the greenhouse pink light, is a combination of blue, red LED lights reflect each other after the two results.

Pink LED lights can not only improve the plant’s absorption of light, in the ideal lighting, temperature, humidity environment, plant growth rate can be increased by 20%, water consumption is also reduced by 90%.

But the price of pink greenhouse, but not too romantic. Although the next five years, LED prices may fall to 50%, but the overall cost of the greenhouse is still high.

Why should we actively create greenhouse farms?

FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, estimates that by 2050 the global population will reach 9.6 billion, an increase of more than 33 per cent.

But now there are still 2 billion people worldwide malnutrition. Want everyone to have food to eat, the global grain output must increase.

Unpredictable climate change, land, water supply is limited. Want to improve food production, you have to be prepared to go down the mountain to build a new farm.

We are entering agriculture 3.0 times. Through labor-intensive 1.0, machinery and fertilizer-led 2.0 times, agriculture 3.0 will be sensing, cloud, Internet of things such as technology-led stage. With the sensing technology, satellite images to monitor, data analysis of water, fertilizer consumption, are the future development trend of agriculture.

The emphasis is not on industrialization, but on improving productivity, sustainability and quality. The concept of vertical farms, which Dickson Despommier, a professor of public health at Columbia University put forward ten years ago, is also one of the solutions.

Vertical farms, is to use technology to create vertical overlap of agricultural greenhouse, save the crop production process need to consume land, water and fertilizer and other resources.

Ten years later, Japan has hundreds of vertical farms, the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the Netherlands skyscrapers, you can also see the shadow of the vertical farm.


The Daily Maintenance of Fish Tanks

Aquarium is a huge ecological environment, to maintain the stability of the ecological environment, the owner must put the fish tank maintenance work in place, the so-called maintenance is the owner to regularly check the aquarium water environment, do a good job changing the water and clean up the work, and These tasks can be performed on a daily and weekly basis.

First, the daily maintenance:

1, the water level, it is necessary to timely replenish the water evaporated to maintain the original water level;

2, check the configuration of equipment is functioning properly;

3, feeding 2 times, and protect the 8-10 hours of light exposure.

4, to maintain the appropriate temperature required by the fish, check the health status of the fish, mainly to see the fish there is no sick state.

Second, every 1-2 weeks maintenance:

1, to change the water once, but not the whole change, only need to change 20% -25% of the water;

2, clean up from the nitrogen collected from the waste;

3, the replacement of eco-cotton filter;

4, after changing the water, it is necessary to promptly add seawater.

Third, the fish tank maintenance: changing the water

When the aquarium is used for too long, the sea water will be metamorphic. In order to ensure the clean water, we must change the time to the fish tank, and change the water when not all of the water is changed, each time changing the water when you can only replace the 10 percent. When changing the water, use the tube slowly into the fish tank, so that the fish can not adapt to the sudden change of water and death.

5, fish tank maintenance: circulating water

As the nitrifying bacteria in the tank in the process of nitrification, the need to consume very high oxygen, so how in the water cycle process, the full of oxygen and water to be decomposed organic matter into the average filter material, so that nitrification Bacteria effectively decompose it is completed, is an important consideration for the design cycle of water flow. Therefore, most of the aquarium is the use of circulating water to break down the principle of organic matter.

The use of led aquarium light to the tank proper lighting can promote the growth of aquatic organisms, inhibit bacterial growth, is conducive to better survival of fish.

5 Small Details Need Attention when go to Nail Salon

Foot pedicure salon to do or need to use non-disposable beauty tool if the tools have not reached the required health standards, it is easy to cause a variety of fungal infections. You must choose a clean operating room in general was like nail shop (foot shop also), nail file, scissors and other tools must be one person, one sterilized and sealed in the presence of guests apart. For security reasons, we have told you five small details make the nail more secure.

Bring your own tools, and many are beginning to take more measures to Sharon’s health, it is recommended that you bring your own nail pedicure tools. Including nail clippers, led nail lamp, nail file, nail clippers, go barb cut, the most important is filing toenails, but this whole salon dirtiest tool that you can not imagine clean.

Go early Nail Salon, time to pick a little earlier, this will be relatively clean and safe. On the same day there will be many people in the same basin feet, the sooner to the relatively small exposure to others may legacy of bacteria. In addition, those nail salon in great bargain period is also recommended to avoid, business is more popular means of disinfection effect of greatly reduced, resulting in the greater your chances of bacterial infection.

24 hours before the foot shave their legs, because just off too hairy skin is more likely to be infected, not to mention hair removal improper prone wounds, so 24 hours before pedicures or manicures do not go to the leg hair.

Be careful to go hard cocoon, cut foot calluses be careful, this is very dangerous, because to make a very deep young skin exposed, manicurists easy to grasp the intensity and pruning too bad. The best way to avoid such a situation is to buy a Foot stone bath every day when their own polished look, they will not allowed to develop into thick hard cocoon.

After pedicure wearing his shoes, put on his shoes after completing the foot, for greater security, after returning home I remember the first thing is feet.

Choose what color of LED Aquarium Light

LED Aquarium light can be any color, lighting is not much impact on the fish, only some unstable color fish itself easily fade in bright light, such as some black goldfish, buy a timer control in this case switch can be. Also light colored, the color of the fish itself will be distorted, personally I think that is not conducive to appreciate, white general election as well.

As for the bactericidal function, it is ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light itself is invisible to the human eye, can not be used for lighting, open up to 30 minutes to remove fish and people want to leave, or will be harmed. It is generally confined to the filtration device fitted inside.

Aquarium lights utilize the relationship between light and biological make light issued by promoting the growth of plants planted in the aquarium, because carbohydrates (sugars) produced by photosynthesis is oxygen feed plants of livelihood. Light also precipitated dye fish body growth and absorption of vitamin D and has absolute relationship. Therefore, the rational use of aquarium light, is an important condition for the creation of the ecological environment of aquatic habitat. Plant lamps are the following categories:

A, full spectrum lamp

This type of lamp light color is closer to the sun, the color of up to 90, color temperature of 6500K, for plants, marine organisms vivid colors and is very close to the sun, and in accordance with plant growth spectral absorption curve, fully meet the higher plants light physiological needs.

B, plant lamp

This type of lamp spectrum main focus in the blue area and the red light district, the scientists found that the value of each of these two wavelengths of energy, very close to the plant photosynthesis efficiency curves (efficiency for green plants is significant) is the best source of plant growth .

C, strong photosynthetic lamp

Plants of this type of lamp type lamp brightness strengthened, but red and blue area in the spectral distribution of the lamp and plant in red and blue spectral distribution swap area, the amount of light than the Chung plant lamp high light light blue color cast, plants belonging to the class of the lamp brightness to strengthen lamp type.

D, Software lamp

This type of lamp is dedicated to marine biological cylinder stimulate symbiotic algae growth, with dreamy blue light irradiation molluscs, simulate a natural deep-sea moonlight 6–10m environment, providing essential nutrients biological source software, and stimulate symbiotic the growth of algae, sea creatures is an essential source.

In short choose what kind of lamp has to look at your aquarium raised which animals and plants, according to this selection.

Evaluation of the Basic Skills of LED Aquarium Light

Evaluation of the Basic Skills of LED Aquarium Light

1) Make sure that no strange blue, not yellow shadows under the live rock and coral.

2) seek a soft glow, not unexpected fluorescence.

3) to natural light, such as sunlight, it does not look artificial, not like some LED and T5 as looks cold.

4) Some LED narrow spectrum, the lack of blue, purple and red, but green ones. See coral color aquarists are using this how a glance.

5) CRI (color rendering index) is higher, the fish and coral to look natural, the sand is white, rather than blue.

6) The best look spectrograph data, if the yellow and green accounted for a large part, they are not obvious to the coral. The wavelength range for the home and office as illumination. Green and yellow light stimulates zooxanthellae blooms, algae breeding, PUR will reduce the peak value.

7) lamp bead board (pegboard) design is flawed, such as the burning point of light is too strong or chromatography missing the point. Multicolor synthesis chip is uniform, but also the most effective.

8) with a 40 degree lens when some manufacturers test to improve test value, but the actual use when the lens is more than 70 degrees.

9) Some lamp beads spectrum above 50% are blue, its PAR value may be inaccurate.

10) Consider lighthouse aesthetics. Some designs are redundant, but also pay more for this.

11) when compared to the white bulb, LED as good as metal halide lamp, the advantages of LED in blue and purple. As a 7000k 7000k LED lights as effective as metal halide.

12) Select a research and development and marketing capabilities of firms, rather than piece together parts everywhere assembly processing units.

13) see who chose your favorite products. Is a battle-hardened old friends or new fish hobbyists.

14) to verify the manufacturer’s image. The actual color is often not as good.

15) Choose scalable set, LED light source and cross flow bead technology are in constant progress.

Ornamental Fish Common Diseases Classification

Ornamental fish live in the superior long-term environment, a small farming area, strict requirements for water quality management, meticulous, especially tropical fish, spoiled, living in the optimum temperature environment, the smaller the amount of foraging activity by the external climate, feeding conditions change less interference, it is less resistance to disease. Currently common diseases of ornamental fish into the following two categories:

Microbial fish: mainly by viruses, fungi, bacteria and unicellular algae and other microorganisms invade and cause disease. Such diseases large acute disease spread fast, high morbidity and mortality, there is a strong infectious, and difficult to control. Fish disease caused by a parasite called parasites of fish, which is characterized by generally slower onset and spread, lower morbidity and mortality, combating easier.

Abiotic fish: mainly composed of water environment of mechanical, physical, chemical and other non-biological factors or fish physiological dysfunction of the body’s metabolic disorders or dysfunction caused by caused by fish. Such kinds of fish, great harm, but also covers a wider. Just strengthen management, preventive measures, such fish can be avoided.

LED aquarium light can simulate a variety of natural environments, can reduce the incidence of the disease.

Marine Ornamental Fish Choosing Tips

1, choose lively, when not injured fish buy fish to buy the action lively and spirited fish, not to vote hiding in the corner of the fish. To view the fish have no injuries, in particular, view the tail fin and spine is broken, if only the tip fins minor injuries no relationship.

2, healthy fish to fish health. Tour posture, movement, color, markings, etc., how to distinguish good and bad, on fish early entry often more difficult. Usually fish should pay attention to the election the following aspects: ① lean fish do not buy. Because the fish from the front, we can clearly see the back of the meat whether the lack of a healthy sheen, usually we have to choose bouncing back and shiny fish. ② sick fish do not buy. White spot disease can be seen, other eye disease is hard to see, which only experience as identified by the fish. Such as rapid breathing fish hiding in the corner, it is likely to be suffering from giardiasis oval, so the fish do not buy. ③ fish color is not good, can not expand fins, swim floats in a posture like fish, do not buy. ④ first observed case of bait fish before buying. Similar fish, I rushed over to see the bait fish, a good appetite, it must be healthy, strong vitality of the fish.

3, do not buy too big or too small fish body shape too much fish, often not easy to adapt to changes in the new environment, often refused to eat, such as bait unsuccessful, will die. Fish figure is too small, weak constitutions vulnerable to the disease died.

4, with the following exception Su conditions can not buy fish swim unnatural posture. Stay in unnatural places. Impatient swimming. Floating in the water, lips moving to breathe. While leaving the group alone. Slow, lagging behind the group. Back and abdomen weight loss. Abnormal abdominal swelling. Shortness of breath.

5, early rearing fish should be selected easy to raise sea fish, fish farming is difficult not to vote generally easier feeding fish are the following: the word butterfly. Shadow spider, butterfly net, Three news flounder, red clown, sun butterfly, red lightning. Three birds, zebra butterfly, strawberry, off knives. More difficult to keep the varieties are: four rocket, melon butterflies. Huang bride, bride black back yellow belly, the Blue Line butterfly, four butterfly, fairy saddle, gold butterflies, butterfly eight lines, rock beauty, the emperor gods and the like.

Cultured marine ornamental fish are generally also need to be prepared led aquarium light, not only can make the aquarium more beautiful, but also can simulate a variety of natural environment for the growth of the fish better.