LED lighting plant herbs

Agastache thrive under the irradiation of LED grow lights. Planting base with LED light to plant herbs, successfully bred Anoectochilus, Dendrobium, Agastache and other seedlings.

Into the greenhouse cultivation base, the hob installed rows of LED lamps. Red, blue LED lights, exudes a soft light, under herbs seedlings growing well. Plant growth requires photosynthesis, in a relatively confined space, the plant was able to vigorous growth, with these red, blue LED lamp has a close relationship. Blue chlorophyll synthesis, and promote more obvious effects, red light promote flowering and maturity, including synthetic conversion of sugar.

It is understood that the plant photosynthesis needs light wavelength of 400-700 nm, within the wavelength range of red light and blue light, which can promote the study of plant production base of LED lights, invested over 20 million yuan to build a greenhouse for growing herbs seedlings.

‘Planting spectrum’ may promote the growth of seedlings, seedlings can inhibit some of the hazardous effects of bacteria, pests, avoid pesticide. Rugosa seed cultivation as required in the field for four months, and by planting spectrum just twenty days to complete seed cultivation. Because seedling planting cycles, pests and diseases can be isolated from a higher survival rate of seedlings, higher earnings. In Anoectochilus for example, such as in the field planting, lodging rate of 30% -40%, while the spectrum through planting, lodging rate is only about 10%. Currently, the base has been successfully bred by spectrum planting Anoectochilus, Dendrobium, Agastache and other seedlings, planting and application in the field.


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