Matters You Need to Know Before Marine Ornamental Fish Breeding

Most people refer marine ornamental fish, the first reaction is, “marine fish is very beautiful, but it is difficult to raise.” In fact, this is a misconception; the long-term study of foreign experts, has overcome the bottleneck of feeding. Because marine ornamental fish of bright colors, a wide variety of fish has to become the new darling of fans. But also because of improved equipment, the study of artificial seawater, so the family mini reef is the latest fashion trends at home and abroad at present. The so-called “mini-home reef” is the home aquarium imaging natural coral culture as ecology, through artificial help, continue to create its natural food chain, and makes aquarium creatures (fish, mollusks and plants etc.) is like living in a natural coral reef.

1 mini reef conditions should

A successful mini-reef aquarium should have the conditions are: equipment, coral (known as bio-stone), coral sand, water, healthy fish, molluscs and keepers love and patience, indispensable, and a causal relationship. On devices, in addition to the aquarium, in general, also include led aquarium light, pumping motors, filters, pumps and other, more advanced “mini reef” devices, you should also have biochemical filter (tank), a protein remover, nitric acid salt eliminator, ultraviolet light disinfection, ozone machines. But also because Shanghai is located in subtropical regions, the water temperature in the summer and fall aquarium often around 28 degrees Celsius, even as high as 32 degrees, while in winter the water temperature is often below 10 degrees, in this case, most of the mollusks and plants They will die. To maintain optimum aquarium water temperature, and the other for an additional set of insulation equipment, in order to maintain the aquarium water temperature, keeping it between Celsius 24O ~ 26O. In order to avoid damage to the ecological environment inside the aquarium, as far as possible to avoid turning the aquarium. However, the market of traditional upper filter unit is concerned, is simply a dream, because in the bottom of the aquarium water filter disc (commonly known as corrugated sheet) under deposited dirt (excrement and food residues …… etc.) can not be made pumping out of the motor; thus the deposition of dirt, water and chemical effects produced in the decay, thus destabilizing the water quality, it must be cleaned every period of time, this way you destroy the entire aquarium ecology. I believe that most of the fish fans have such experience, that is, each time after cleaning the aquarium, the fish always find something wrong or death.

The latest equipment, but the full set of equipment placed in lockers at the bottom of the aquarium, holes in the bottom of the aquarium, directly under the filter plate deposition of dirt is pumped into the bottom of the filter, and then pasteurized, plus (down ) isothermal program will cleaned water into the aquarium; a month just to swap part of the new water, without having to move any of the things inside the aquarium, namely the so-called “bottom of the filter” abroad called “living systems.” The test is currently abroad have a 20-year record of not turning the aquarium, the aquarium environment, full of coral reefs and underwater. The bottom of the filter of the aquarium, in appearance not see any equipment or fittings, on the whole, the landscape can be compared with the non-traditional.

2, the choice of the importance of bottom sand

In an aquarium coral sand, living in a very important position, it is not just decoration only, it also has a “biological filter” function. Most people think that the bottom of the aquarium established the “bottom sand” whiter the rules, the better to see, in fact, is a misconception, as many white coral sand is bleached, and small coral sand will affect the filtering effect, so that the aquarium box in the dirt accumulated in the bottom sand. Because it is too small, therefore, their own lack of sand capillary pores, can not train a large number of “nitrifying bacteria”, and makes aquarium toxic substances can not be completely biodegradable, aquatic animals, is harmful, so use a large coral sand bottom sand. Coral, also known as “bio-stone”, is an aquarium landscaping indispensable. Biological stone used, preferably directly after collection from the sea into the aquarium immediately; because the sea creatures of stone, growth of many algae and other organisms, many of which are fish food; also attached to a lot of nitrifying bacteria, for water quality has a great stability.

But this “activation” stone creatures difficult to obtain, usually replaced by the current market sales of the treated stone creatures. After the buy back, first with tap water and soak for 3-4 days to sun exposure, as soon as it dried before use; but this is biological stone processed “dead” in the aquarium must go through a long period of culture to the surface and across the green algae “regeneration.”

To make this point specifically stated: Most people arranged aquarium, prefer white coral decorations, matched with white sand bottom formations and, of course, looks very eye-catching, beautiful, but this is very wrong concept, because “algae” in an aquarium is absolutely indispensable; how can one even algae can not grow aquarium, fish how to survive? Many foreign aquarium, biological stone covered with green algae, during which further growth of many plants a foot long, with fluctuations in water flow, like a natural reef, this landscape a blessing for the former can be compared .

3, sea fish contains only the essential trace element

Saltwater fish, of course, necessarily, “sea”, and natural water course, the most suitable for farming, but due to environmental pollution, the use of self seaside absorb water, not the most appropriate approach, and to extract the oceanic depths of the sea, and these draw water from the sea, many steps must be treated before use. First sea container storage must not use metal containers, because these metal ions dissolved in water, and harm the health of the aquarium. Second, we must be stored in sealed areas that are not sun exposure after after about a month’s time, it will sink to the bottom of the container filter out the dirt, then by irradiation of ultraviolet light disinfection, before being placed in the aquarium. These procedures are not everyone can do, and in the inland areas, the problem is even more; therefore the use of “artificial seawater” was the most convenient way to pass. As a result of long-term studies, have created the closest natural seawater “artificial sea”, simply follow the instructions on the package, was dissolved in a certain proportion of water can be. Best of artificial seawater, natural seawater should have included all the “main elements” minor elements “and” trace elements “The main elements of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, etc; Secondary elements are It contains bismuth carbide, silicon, iodine, lithium, fluorine, molybdenum, phosphorus, strontium, and the like; these elements can make sea creatures to live long, healthy, and to maintain the original natural ocean color, disease prevention and increased breeding opportunity, which have great help, while nearly seven ten kinds of trace elements, the metabolism and water quality for marine organisms, are of great help.


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