Marine Ornamental Fish Choosing Tips

1, choose lively, when not injured fish buy fish to buy the action lively and spirited fish, not to vote hiding in the corner of the fish. To view the fish have no injuries, in particular, view the tail fin and spine is broken, if only the tip fins minor injuries no relationship.

2, healthy fish to fish health. Tour posture, movement, color, markings, etc., how to distinguish good and bad, on fish early entry often more difficult. Usually fish should pay attention to the election the following aspects: ① lean fish do not buy. Because the fish from the front, we can clearly see the back of the meat whether the lack of a healthy sheen, usually we have to choose bouncing back and shiny fish. ② sick fish do not buy. White spot disease can be seen, other eye disease is hard to see, which only experience as identified by the fish. Such as rapid breathing fish hiding in the corner, it is likely to be suffering from giardiasis oval, so the fish do not buy. ③ fish color is not good, can not expand fins, swim floats in a posture like fish, do not buy. ④ first observed case of bait fish before buying. Similar fish, I rushed over to see the bait fish, a good appetite, it must be healthy, strong vitality of the fish.

3, do not buy too big or too small fish body shape too much fish, often not easy to adapt to changes in the new environment, often refused to eat, such as bait unsuccessful, will die. Fish figure is too small, weak constitutions vulnerable to the disease died.

4, with the following exception Su conditions can not buy fish swim unnatural posture. Stay in unnatural places. Impatient swimming. Floating in the water, lips moving to breathe. While leaving the group alone. Slow, lagging behind the group. Back and abdomen weight loss. Abnormal abdominal swelling. Shortness of breath.

5, early rearing fish should be selected easy to raise sea fish, fish farming is difficult not to vote generally easier feeding fish are the following: the word butterfly. Shadow spider, butterfly net, Three news flounder, red clown, sun butterfly, red lightning. Three birds, zebra butterfly, strawberry, off knives. More difficult to keep the varieties are: four rocket, melon butterflies. Huang bride, bride black back yellow belly, the Blue Line butterfly, four butterfly, fairy saddle, gold butterflies, butterfly eight lines, rock beauty, the emperor gods and the like.

Cultured marine ornamental fish are generally also need to be prepared led aquarium light, not only can make the aquarium more beautiful, but also can simulate a variety of natural environment for the growth of the fish better.


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