Ornamental Fish Common Diseases Classification

Ornamental fish live in the superior long-term environment, a small farming area, strict requirements for water quality management, meticulous, especially tropical fish, spoiled, living in the optimum temperature environment, the smaller the amount of foraging activity by the external climate, feeding conditions change less interference, it is less resistance to disease. Currently common diseases of ornamental fish into the following two categories:

Microbial fish: mainly by viruses, fungi, bacteria and unicellular algae and other microorganisms invade and cause disease. Such diseases large acute disease spread fast, high morbidity and mortality, there is a strong infectious, and difficult to control. Fish disease caused by a parasite called parasites of fish, which is characterized by generally slower onset and spread, lower morbidity and mortality, combating easier.

Abiotic fish: mainly composed of water environment of mechanical, physical, chemical and other non-biological factors or fish physiological dysfunction of the body’s metabolic disorders or dysfunction caused by caused by fish. Such kinds of fish, great harm, but also covers a wider. Just strengthen management, preventive measures, such fish can be avoided.

LED aquarium light can simulate a variety of natural environments, can reduce the incidence of the disease.


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