Evaluation of the Basic Skills of LED Aquarium Light

Evaluation of the Basic Skills of LED Aquarium Light

1) Make sure that no strange blue, not yellow shadows under the live rock and coral.

2) seek a soft glow, not unexpected fluorescence.

3) to natural light, such as sunlight, it does not look artificial, not like some LED and T5 as looks cold.

4) Some LED narrow spectrum, the lack of blue, purple and red, but green ones. See coral color aquarists are using this how a glance.

5) CRI (color rendering index) is higher, the fish and coral to look natural, the sand is white, rather than blue.

6) The best look spectrograph data, if the yellow and green accounted for a large part, they are not obvious to the coral. The wavelength range for the home and office as illumination. Green and yellow light stimulates zooxanthellae blooms, algae breeding, PUR will reduce the peak value.

7) lamp bead board (pegboard) design is flawed, such as the burning point of light is too strong or chromatography missing the point. Multicolor synthesis chip is uniform, but also the most effective.

8) with a 40 degree lens when some manufacturers test to improve test value, but the actual use when the lens is more than 70 degrees.

9) Some lamp beads spectrum above 50% are blue, its PAR value may be inaccurate.

10) Consider lighthouse aesthetics. Some designs are redundant, but also pay more for this.

11) when compared to the white bulb, LED as good as metal halide lamp, the advantages of LED in blue and purple. As a 7000k 7000k LED lights as effective as metal halide.

12) Select a research and development and marketing capabilities of firms, rather than piece together parts everywhere assembly processing units.

13) see who chose your favorite products. Is a battle-hardened old friends or new fish hobbyists.

14) to verify the manufacturer’s image. The actual color is often not as good.

15) Choose scalable set, LED light source and cross flow bead technology are in constant progress.


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