Choose what color of LED Aquarium Light

LED Aquarium light can be any color, lighting is not much impact on the fish, only some unstable color fish itself easily fade in bright light, such as some black goldfish, buy a timer control in this case switch can be. Also light colored, the color of the fish itself will be distorted, personally I think that is not conducive to appreciate, white general election as well.

As for the bactericidal function, it is ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light itself is invisible to the human eye, can not be used for lighting, open up to 30 minutes to remove fish and people want to leave, or will be harmed. It is generally confined to the filtration device fitted inside.

Aquarium lights utilize the relationship between light and biological make light issued by promoting the growth of plants planted in the aquarium, because carbohydrates (sugars) produced by photosynthesis is oxygen feed plants of livelihood. Light also precipitated dye fish body growth and absorption of vitamin D and has absolute relationship. Therefore, the rational use of aquarium light, is an important condition for the creation of the ecological environment of aquatic habitat. Plant lamps are the following categories:

A, full spectrum lamp

This type of lamp light color is closer to the sun, the color of up to 90, color temperature of 6500K, for plants, marine organisms vivid colors and is very close to the sun, and in accordance with plant growth spectral absorption curve, fully meet the higher plants light physiological needs.

B, plant lamp

This type of lamp spectrum main focus in the blue area and the red light district, the scientists found that the value of each of these two wavelengths of energy, very close to the plant photosynthesis efficiency curves (efficiency for green plants is significant) is the best source of plant growth .

C, strong photosynthetic lamp

Plants of this type of lamp type lamp brightness strengthened, but red and blue area in the spectral distribution of the lamp and plant in red and blue spectral distribution swap area, the amount of light than the Chung plant lamp high light light blue color cast, plants belonging to the class of the lamp brightness to strengthen lamp type.

D, Software lamp

This type of lamp is dedicated to marine biological cylinder stimulate symbiotic algae growth, with dreamy blue light irradiation molluscs, simulate a natural deep-sea moonlight 6–10m environment, providing essential nutrients biological source software, and stimulate symbiotic the growth of algae, sea creatures is an essential source.

In short choose what kind of lamp has to look at your aquarium raised which animals and plants, according to this selection.


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