The Daily Maintenance of Fish Tanks

Aquarium is a huge ecological environment, to maintain the stability of the ecological environment, the owner must put the fish tank maintenance work in place, the so-called maintenance is the owner to regularly check the aquarium water environment, do a good job changing the water and clean up the work, and These tasks can be performed on a daily and weekly basis.

First, the daily maintenance:

1, the water level, it is necessary to timely replenish the water evaporated to maintain the original water level;

2, check the configuration of equipment is functioning properly;

3, feeding 2 times, and protect the 8-10 hours of light exposure.

4, to maintain the appropriate temperature required by the fish, check the health status of the fish, mainly to see the fish there is no sick state.

Second, every 1-2 weeks maintenance:

1, to change the water once, but not the whole change, only need to change 20% -25% of the water;

2, clean up from the nitrogen collected from the waste;

3, the replacement of eco-cotton filter;

4, after changing the water, it is necessary to promptly add seawater.

Third, the fish tank maintenance: changing the water

When the aquarium is used for too long, the sea water will be metamorphic. In order to ensure the clean water, we must change the time to the fish tank, and change the water when not all of the water is changed, each time changing the water when you can only replace the 10 percent. When changing the water, use the tube slowly into the fish tank, so that the fish can not adapt to the sudden change of water and death.

5, fish tank maintenance: circulating water

As the nitrifying bacteria in the tank in the process of nitrification, the need to consume very high oxygen, so how in the water cycle process, the full of oxygen and water to be decomposed organic matter into the average filter material, so that nitrification Bacteria effectively decompose it is completed, is an important consideration for the design cycle of water flow. Therefore, most of the aquarium is the use of circulating water to break down the principle of organic matter.

The use of led aquarium light to the tank proper lighting can promote the growth of aquatic organisms, inhibit bacterial growth, is conducive to better survival of fish.


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