Matters You Need to Know Before Marine Ornamental Fish Breeding

Most people refer marine ornamental fish, the first reaction is, “marine fish is very beautiful, but it is difficult to raise.” In fact, this is a misconception; the long-term study of foreign experts, has overcome the bottleneck of feeding. Because marine ornamental fish of bright colors, a wide variety of fish has to become the new darling of fans. But also because of improved equipment, the study of artificial seawater, so the family mini reef is the latest fashion trends at home and abroad at present. The so-called “mini-home reef” is the home aquarium imaging natural coral culture as ecology, through artificial help, continue to create its natural food chain, and makes aquarium creatures (fish, mollusks and plants etc.) is like living in a natural coral reef.

1 mini reef conditions should

A successful mini-reef aquarium should have the conditions are: equipment, coral (known as bio-stone), coral sand, water, healthy fish, molluscs and keepers love and patience, indispensable, and a causal relationship. On devices, in addition to the aquarium, in general, also include led aquarium light, pumping motors, filters, pumps and other, more advanced “mini reef” devices, you should also have biochemical filter (tank), a protein remover, nitric acid salt eliminator, ultraviolet light disinfection, ozone machines. But also because Shanghai is located in subtropical regions, the water temperature in the summer and fall aquarium often around 28 degrees Celsius, even as high as 32 degrees, while in winter the water temperature is often below 10 degrees, in this case, most of the mollusks and plants They will die. To maintain optimum aquarium water temperature, and the other for an additional set of insulation equipment, in order to maintain the aquarium water temperature, keeping it between Celsius 24O ~ 26O. In order to avoid damage to the ecological environment inside the aquarium, as far as possible to avoid turning the aquarium. However, the market of traditional upper filter unit is concerned, is simply a dream, because in the bottom of the aquarium water filter disc (commonly known as corrugated sheet) under deposited dirt (excrement and food residues …… etc.) can not be made pumping out of the motor; thus the deposition of dirt, water and chemical effects produced in the decay, thus destabilizing the water quality, it must be cleaned every period of time, this way you destroy the entire aquarium ecology. I believe that most of the fish fans have such experience, that is, each time after cleaning the aquarium, the fish always find something wrong or death.

The latest equipment, but the full set of equipment placed in lockers at the bottom of the aquarium, holes in the bottom of the aquarium, directly under the filter plate deposition of dirt is pumped into the bottom of the filter, and then pasteurized, plus (down ) isothermal program will cleaned water into the aquarium; a month just to swap part of the new water, without having to move any of the things inside the aquarium, namely the so-called “bottom of the filter” abroad called “living systems.” The test is currently abroad have a 20-year record of not turning the aquarium, the aquarium environment, full of coral reefs and underwater. The bottom of the filter of the aquarium, in appearance not see any equipment or fittings, on the whole, the landscape can be compared with the non-traditional.

2, the choice of the importance of bottom sand

In an aquarium coral sand, living in a very important position, it is not just decoration only, it also has a “biological filter” function. Most people think that the bottom of the aquarium established the “bottom sand” whiter the rules, the better to see, in fact, is a misconception, as many white coral sand is bleached, and small coral sand will affect the filtering effect, so that the aquarium box in the dirt accumulated in the bottom sand. Because it is too small, therefore, their own lack of sand capillary pores, can not train a large number of “nitrifying bacteria”, and makes aquarium toxic substances can not be completely biodegradable, aquatic animals, is harmful, so use a large coral sand bottom sand. Coral, also known as “bio-stone”, is an aquarium landscaping indispensable. Biological stone used, preferably directly after collection from the sea into the aquarium immediately; because the sea creatures of stone, growth of many algae and other organisms, many of which are fish food; also attached to a lot of nitrifying bacteria, for water quality has a great stability.

But this “activation” stone creatures difficult to obtain, usually replaced by the current market sales of the treated stone creatures. After the buy back, first with tap water and soak for 3-4 days to sun exposure, as soon as it dried before use; but this is biological stone processed “dead” in the aquarium must go through a long period of culture to the surface and across the green algae “regeneration.”

To make this point specifically stated: Most people arranged aquarium, prefer white coral decorations, matched with white sand bottom formations and, of course, looks very eye-catching, beautiful, but this is very wrong concept, because “algae” in an aquarium is absolutely indispensable; how can one even algae can not grow aquarium, fish how to survive? Many foreign aquarium, biological stone covered with green algae, during which further growth of many plants a foot long, with fluctuations in water flow, like a natural reef, this landscape a blessing for the former can be compared .

3, sea fish contains only the essential trace element

Saltwater fish, of course, necessarily, “sea”, and natural water course, the most suitable for farming, but due to environmental pollution, the use of self seaside absorb water, not the most appropriate approach, and to extract the oceanic depths of the sea, and these draw water from the sea, many steps must be treated before use. First sea container storage must not use metal containers, because these metal ions dissolved in water, and harm the health of the aquarium. Second, we must be stored in sealed areas that are not sun exposure after after about a month’s time, it will sink to the bottom of the container filter out the dirt, then by irradiation of ultraviolet light disinfection, before being placed in the aquarium. These procedures are not everyone can do, and in the inland areas, the problem is even more; therefore the use of “artificial seawater” was the most convenient way to pass. As a result of long-term studies, have created the closest natural seawater “artificial sea”, simply follow the instructions on the package, was dissolved in a certain proportion of water can be. Best of artificial seawater, natural seawater should have included all the “main elements” minor elements “and” trace elements “The main elements of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, etc; Secondary elements are It contains bismuth carbide, silicon, iodine, lithium, fluorine, molybdenum, phosphorus, strontium, and the like; these elements can make sea creatures to live long, healthy, and to maintain the original natural ocean color, disease prevention and increased breeding opportunity, which have great help, while nearly seven ten kinds of trace elements, the metabolism and water quality for marine organisms, are of great help.


LED lighting plant herbs

Agastache thrive under the irradiation of LED grow lights. Planting base with LED light to plant herbs, successfully bred Anoectochilus, Dendrobium, Agastache and other seedlings.

Into the greenhouse cultivation base, the hob installed rows of LED lamps. Red, blue LED lights, exudes a soft light, under herbs seedlings growing well. Plant growth requires photosynthesis, in a relatively confined space, the plant was able to vigorous growth, with these red, blue LED lamp has a close relationship. Blue chlorophyll synthesis, and promote more obvious effects, red light promote flowering and maturity, including synthetic conversion of sugar.

It is understood that the plant photosynthesis needs light wavelength of 400-700 nm, within the wavelength range of red light and blue light, which can promote the study of plant production base of LED lights, invested over 20 million yuan to build a greenhouse for growing herbs seedlings.

‘Planting spectrum’ may promote the growth of seedlings, seedlings can inhibit some of the hazardous effects of bacteria, pests, avoid pesticide. Rugosa seed cultivation as required in the field for four months, and by planting spectrum just twenty days to complete seed cultivation. Because seedling planting cycles, pests and diseases can be isolated from a higher survival rate of seedlings, higher earnings. In Anoectochilus for example, such as in the field planting, lodging rate of 30% -40%, while the spectrum through planting, lodging rate is only about 10%. Currently, the base has been successfully bred by spectrum planting Anoectochilus, Dendrobium, Agastache and other seedlings, planting and application in the field.

Entering the LED plants lighting industry should know six basic points

LED lighting can be widely used in the plant tissue culture, the production of leafy vegetables, greenhouse fill light, plant plants, plant breeding, cultivation of medicinal plants, edible plants, algae culture, plant protection, space fruits and vegetables, flowers planted, drive to kill mosquitoes and other field, planting out of fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs and other plants to meet military border posts, alpine regions, lack of water and electricity resources required area, home office gardening, marine space personnel, and other regions or specific patient populations.

Currently on the market has developed and produced a number of LED plant lighting devices, such as LED grow lights, plant growth chambers, house plant grow lamp with LED, drive to kill mosquito lights. Wherein the LED Grow Light common morphology bulbs, lights, panel lights, lights, downlights, light grid and so on.

The following are entering the LED plants lighting industry should know six basic points.

First, LED plant lighting market demand so much, if you want to enter the greatest difficulty in what?

LED lighting plant is a product of biology, facility horticulture, vegetable, plant physiology, plant nutrition, bio-environmental engineering, LED lighting, intelligent control technology, interdisciplinary and organic development. So only good at semiconductor plants, one or both of the intelligent system are fully cross-collaboration is critical enough and research applications. The most difficult plants to enter the LED lighting market is to develop the production yield and quality of plant ecology LED light source or luminaire, we need to solve the intelligent control of light environment, plant photobiology, LED semiconductor technology issues and how to integrate the three integral development.

Second, the plant photobiology What does it mean?

Plant photobiology law is an important basis for LED lighting plant, including the number of properties under light conditions (light intensity and photoperiod), mass properties (light quality and spectral), electric light emission characteristics (duty cycle, frequency) and so on. Plant photobiology with high complexity and systemic. Light quality refers to the biological role of the type of light quality, including visible light, UV and far-red light. Light quality biology, we need to figure out the following issues: first, light quality biological function, a single light quality and research complex light quality on plant growth, yield and quality and impact of physiological metabolism, molecular biology and proteomics Mechanism ; second, between plant species and varieties of light quality and adaptability to exploit differences in the mechanism; third, light quality interactions with other environmental factors of biological mechanisms; fourth, the number of properties of light quality lighting facilities effective threshold and the reference value. In addition, a clear low-light stress biology light quality, light and response mechanism photosynthetic apparatus under continuous light operating efficiency also needed.

Third, why light recipe different companies the same plant will be different?

The establishment of various plant growth and development, quality and high yield the desired formulation development based LED lighting plant lighting industry. Light recipe is a high yield and quality as the goal, according to the characteristics of plant species and varieties of light quality growth parameter types and number of attributes required for each stage set. Each plant and different growth stages optimum lighting recipe is different. Why different companies for the same plant light formula will be different, even a big difference? The main goal of plant growth and business have a certain relationship. Simply put, companies according to market demand and their own development needs, can reduce the requirements and only need more than the growth of plants minimum light formula needs other environment on biological growth also relaxed the requirements of the case, not only the light recipes are not the same, for environmental control system will be very different. Instead, companies can also be critical, as far as possible to create the best environment for the growth of plants and conditions, such as research and development of light like a recipe. Future have been put forward with LED lighting plant China’s relevant standards and requirements, light recipe speak progressive unification or consistent basic conditions.

Fourth, LED plant growth light source and lighting research and development production requires attention to what principles?

LED Grow light lamps lighting plant is the core LED industry, companies need to develop formulations according to the light required for plant growth light lamps. Pay attention to the following four principles: First, high energy efficiency principles, formulate a reasonable degree of spectral components increase the maximum luminous efficiency LED light source, the light source and reduce the distance between the irradiated plants, reducing light loss and improve energy efficiency; second , low-cost principle, the cost is one of the most important factors that determine plant LED lighting industrial development; third, the principle of ecological security, in red and blue spectrum, a slight increase or a small amount of a green component to increase the visual health; the fourth priority the development of high value-added plant dedicated LED light lamps.

Fifth, what plants light control is the environment, including what?

Light environment control based on quality and high yield as the goal, the production plant factory system cultivated plant species and varieties grown each stage light formula is based on direct control of environmental parameters and switching of light through the computer’s time and space management. For example, greenhouse fill light to consider natural light diurnal variation of parameters, environmental parameters, plant photosynthetic parameters, plant growth stage and lighting properties, to implement cost-effective fill light approaches to meet the light intensity, light quality, photoperiod demand, energy efficient. Plant light environment control mainly refers to control LED lamps light quality, light intensity, photoperiod, spatial location and rate of movement and so on. Light environment control has obvious spatial and temporal characteristics, thus establishing a dynamic real-time control is very important to realize LED lighting light plant environmental control automation and intelligence is the trend.

Sixth, LED grow lighting design focuses on which indicators and performance?

LED plant lighting designers need to focus on the following indicators and performance: 1, illumination uniformity; 2, light quality group with rationality; 3, heat reliability; 4, LED power chip suitability; 5, light-emitting surface the efficiency; 6, visual comfort.

Four Largest Grow Light Market Analysis

According to market research firm Technavio latest research results show that, by 2020, the global market value will grow lights more than three billion US dollars in 2016 to 2020 will grow 12% CAGR.

Currently, the global market grow light is divided into four categories: fluorescent grow lights, LED grow lights, high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights, grow lights incandescent and halogen lamps.

Global fluorescent grow lights market

By 2020, global growth fluorescent lamp market is expected to reach $ 1 billion, such products popular with home gardeners welcome. Standard fluorescent lamps commonly used in seed germination, but the efficiency is not high, in order to overcome the shortcomings of the standard fluorescent lamps, advanced technology will be manufactured with high yield and efficiency of fluorescent lamps. Compared with the standard fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lighting new R & D has a strong lower temperature, such products to be more efficient than incandescent bulbs and also cost-effective.

In addition, fluorescent lamp bracket will also lighter, easier to install, easier for users to use, but can also replace the lamp.

Global LED Grow Light Market


By 2020, global LED grow light market will reach $ 1.9 billion, the annual compound growth rate of over 25%. LED Grow Light market is relatively new, technology has been in development, has introduced a more efficient product. LED life than ordinary energy-saving lamp 10 times longer, and far more than ordinary incandescent lamp. Although these lamps are more expensive, but more efficient, since no frequent replacement, but also save electricity costs. Compared with other lamps, LED less heat, and therefore eliminates the expensive and complicated cooling system cost. Use of other lamps need a cooling system because overheating will damage the plant tissues.

Because of the advantages of LED more, the world’s researchers are focusing on the development of LED grow light, and therefore the market will grow further.

Global HPS grow light market

By 2020, HPS grow light projected global market value will reach $ 157 million. Orange and red flowers make HPS issued production results and ripening, they give the greenhouse to provide adequate lighting. The benefits of high pressure sodium lamp is illuminated wide range, and high pressure sodium lamps should not be too close to the plant, because it generates a lot of heat. But in winter greenhouse does require more calories. After the high pressure sodium lamp with a long irradiation becomes weak, we need to replace. The average life of these lamps is 18,000 hours.

Agricultural equipment analyst Abhay Sinha said: “The high-pressure sodium lamps in all high-intensity discharge lamps, the most efficient, high-pressure sodium light efficiency six times higher than incandescent, very different, but also the future popularity of these lamps will help to promote indoor cultivation industry growth. ”

Global incandescent and halogen lamps grow light market

Global incandescent and halogen lamps grow light market value in 2020 of $ 79.5 million, a compound annual rate of decline of 1.5%.

Incandescent usually buy at the grocery store and hardware store, but incandescent lights do grow a disadvantage is not energy, no light part of the energy that will generate additional heat, Abhay said: “Although the beginning to buy incandescent the cost is very low, but the running costs to be more than fluorescent lamps, and therefore used as growth incandescent lamp is not suitable, a halogen lamp, too, because its performance is similar with incandescent lamps. “

Plant Growth Conditions

To understand how plants cultivated before, we must first know the conditions necessary for plant growth. Of course the sun, air, water is indispensable, but how much sun, how much to water, which requires your attention. Go outside understanding of plant growth environment.

Condition of plants is most needed is sunshine. In addition to the sun, but also with the air, temperature and humidity, moisture, etc. multiple conditions, in order to grow healthy. For those who want to learn horticultural novice, before the flower market, may wish to look into the outdoor plants. Strange, no one to take care of these plants, why also looked good? In fact, as long as the favorable environmental conditions, the plant is easy to grow healthy.

Look at what the whole plant under the sun? Which is in the shade? Wall plants only when the sun is in the sun to get it? We can further identify the same plant in different places of growth, plant growth conditions so you will need even more apparent.

Sunshine is the most important key for plant growth, according to the extent of saying therefore decided home environment suitable for what kind of flower. Plant has its own optimum growth temperature, general home common plant mostly tropical plants, special attention should be cold. Some drought-tolerant plants, some like plenty of moisture, must be adjusted depending on the plant habit. Plant growth medium is a medium, select the appropriate media make it easier for plants

Light intensity and time of various plants need are not the same, it is generally based on the needs of the plant will be divided into three kinds of light conditions, which is in the gardening books often see full sun, half shade and sunshine. Although the plant is best placed in the appropriate light conditions, but in fact, some plants that can be grown under different sunlight conditions, but may be fast or slow the growth of cattle production, flowering or not flowering, leaf color leaf unequal differences.

Full said means according to each of the above said direct sunshine time on the plant for about six hours, a whole day is simply to be the best from the sun. General outdoor no shade at the south-facing balcony or no, there is full sun conditions.

It needs full sun plants, also known as positive plants. Most flower plants, fruit trees, herbs and plants, aquatic plants, vines, succulents and so need full sun bad environment. If you need anti-season planting, you must fill-light use led grow light or other fixtures.


The so-called sunshine half refers to the sunshine filtered light – half intensity, not according to the time to comment. The location is under the shade outdoors, such as shade, north or east-facing balcony, south-facing windowsill or shading may shine more moderate sunlight.

Many indoor flowering plants such as pansy Africa, and most of the foliage plants are suitable for semi-sunshine environment. Part of flower plants can be kind, just bright colors may not be less amount spent.

Shade-tolerant, that is not saying direct sunlight, but it does not mean completely dull, but still there is enough light around the room near the windows, you can have a scattering of sunlight. You can also use artificial lighting to supplement the light.

Suitable plants: in principle, suitable for flowering plants. But Sun needs little foliage plants are grown in shade-tolerant environment.

Air: plants are also breathing when they are carrying out photosynthesis, you need air. Air is present in all the time, with outdoor air office has slaughtered, but the condition is not the same. Therefore, the air condition we can think of the degree of air circulation. The vast majority of plants need a well-ventilated environment. How to determine whether a well-ventilated, in fact, rely on their own feelings on the line, compared to the air-conditioned office, do you feel more comfortable outdoors. In a well-ventilated conditions, plants can grow more smoothly, and difficult to produce pest. However, too much wind will be harmful to plants, such as strong wind, high-rise next to the air conditioner or fan outlet, is not well-ventilated place.

Temperature and humidity: plants suitable for the growth of its temperature, as the temperature will be self-adaptation, in general, proper temperature is based on the growth of plants in different environments decisions, some like heat, some can withstand low temperatures. However, in summer and winter there are still too high, too low temperatures occur, will lead to heat exhaustion possible temperate plants, tropical plants can not stand the cold winter, then we should do because the plant needs to adjust the temperature on. In addition to wet the needs of different plants are not the same. Plants from tropical rain forests, like the more humid environment: a relative from the desert, on the environmental conditions necessary drying it. Therefore, in comparison arid or humid rainy season, but also pay attention to whether the plants adapt well.

Some Demands of Greenhouse Plants to LED Lighting

Artificial light is an essential part of commercial greenhouse production, such as indoor production, similar to the completely artificial light plant factory, no natural light indoors, to be totally artificial light. Lack of natural light, but also need artificial light, such as seasonal light deficiency (northern, southwest, north haze), in order to ensure the quality of horticultural products, artificial light increases and the like.

In practice, insiders pointed out that the designer during the design for LED grow light, there are some difficulties, such as lack of fill light LED lamp parameters, lack of design parameters; the higher the installation height, LED light can not reflect the advantages of brachytherapy ; while production of varieties, look for a large LED lighting technology risk; no economic calculation, can not assess the actual economic benefits; outside the laboratory without reference design case and so on. Finally, the designers still choose the traditional lamp, there are some considerations: detailed design parameters such as lighting, design method mature convenient; there are success stories reference, technical risk is small; a number of varieties can be used in the same light, will not cause cuts risk, economic benefit can be expected; extreme low temperatures, high pressure sodium lamp can add calories to make up for lack of heating.




For LED grow light, the industry needs and also some recommendations, one needs Universal / professional lighting, more fool-Korean goods, so relatively easy to promote, such as nursery lamp, light fruits and vegetables, leafy vegetables lights, flower lights, group Pui lights. If all greenhouse redesigned again, the cost is very high, if not standardized, it is difficult to standardize the user, it is difficult to standardize the production, the price will be very high. Universal / professional indoor lighting some needle, such as plant factory, some are against Daejeon, Fill it, there are some studies class.

On the other hand, to improve the design parameters. Because LED application, the designer will be from Standard and safety point of view, LED lamps and traditional lamps will be compared, so the LED lighting performance parameters as detailed as possible, to facilitate the direct selection of the designer. Reference lighting, styling lighting products should provide a complete design parameters for the designer to optimize the fill light scheme. Such as the XX curve, in order to achieve the fill light design visualization.

In addition, the applicability of new technologies, including the applicability and suitability of species to be regional pilot production, through pilot production to get the data can be used to guide production.

Several PopularGrow best led grow light

PopularGrow led grow light are divided to many series, most of the products have adopted the latest integrated COB technology, there are also some patented full spectrum COB LED grow lights. I’d like to introduce you some best led grow light of PopularGrow.

LED Grow Light HY-MD-D169-S, the newly developed model.



Color radio:117pcs/630nm 52pcs/470nm

Input voltage:AC 90-265v

Working current:600ma Lifespan:50,000hour

Working frequency:50-60hz

Working temperature:-20°-50°

Light area:3sq.m


Packing size:320*370*60mm



Ctn size:360*390*610mm

HY-MD-D169-S has high photosynthetic efficiency. The isolated power source will cut the too strong current and protect the chips. Good for all stages of plant growth , especially for the flowering and fruiting stages.

1 LED Grow Light HY-MD-D169-S small

LED COB grow light HYG02-6x100W

Wattage: 600W

Dimension: 445x280x75mm

Input: AC 85-265V

Spectrum: Red, Blue, Orange, IR, UV

Beam angle: 90degree

LED type: 6pcs 32x3W(96W) COB

Housing color: White

Lifespan: >50,000hrs

Certificates: CE/RoHS/FCC

Warranty: 2 years

The unique design of professional optical lens creates best Par value, which makes the plant enjoy fastest growth and maximum yield, COB series LED grow light received immense positive feedback and recognition among thousands of growers and distributors.

2 6x200wcreeledgrowlight 4.jpg

LED grow light HYG05-D100*3W-W, classical 3W LED grow lights, with 9bands full spectrum.

Dimension: 300w



LED Output Power: 100pcs*3watt( Epileds chips)

Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

Warranty: 2 years

Certificates: CE FCC RoHS

View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°mixed

Working Environment: -20℃~ 40℃

Lifespan:50000 hours

IT UPC: 701327156240

3W 45mil LEDs, more space for high current, brighter, higher penetration and PAR value, light emits much evenly.

3 led grow light.jpg

COB full spectrum LED grow light HYG08-2x200W-W

Dimension: 290*175*83.5mm

Input Voltage: AC85-265V

Working Temperature: -20°-50°

Working Frequency: 50-60Hz

Working Current : 600mA

Chips Quantity: 66*3W*2

Chip Size: 45mil

Ratio& Layout: Full

Spectrum Lifespan: 50000 hours

G.W kg/pc: 4.2kg/pc

Housing Color: White

Warranty: 2 years

The adoption of integrated COB effectively improves color uniformity and luminous efficiency ! Let plants enjoy a better absorption of lights than normal LED grow lights, then the output and the growth speed of plants are radically improved. The temperature at the bottom of the chips is lower than 48°C under the help of our unique sunflower radiator.Ensures the light work in very good condition and enjoys longer lifespan.

4 led grow light.jpg