5 Small Details Need Attention when go to Nail Salon

Foot pedicure salon to do or need to use non-disposable beauty tool if the tools have not reached the required health standards, it is easy to cause a variety of fungal infections. You must choose a clean operating room in general was like nail shop (foot shop also), nail file, scissors and other tools must be one person, one sterilized and sealed in the presence of guests apart. For security reasons, we have told you five small details make the nail more secure.

Bring your own tools, and many are beginning to take more measures to Sharon’s health, it is recommended that you bring your own nail pedicure tools. Including nail clippers, led nail lamp, nail file, nail clippers, go barb cut, the most important is filing toenails, but this whole salon dirtiest tool that you can not imagine clean.

Go early Nail Salon, time to pick a little earlier, this will be relatively clean and safe. On the same day there will be many people in the same basin feet, the sooner to the relatively small exposure to others may legacy of bacteria. In addition, those nail salon in great bargain period is also recommended to avoid, business is more popular means of disinfection effect of greatly reduced, resulting in the greater your chances of bacterial infection.

24 hours before the foot shave their legs, because just off too hairy skin is more likely to be infected, not to mention hair removal improper prone wounds, so 24 hours before pedicures or manicures do not go to the leg hair.

Be careful to go hard cocoon, cut foot calluses be careful, this is very dangerous, because to make a very deep young skin exposed, manicurists easy to grasp the intensity and pruning too bad. The best way to avoid such a situation is to buy a Foot stone bath every day when their own polished look, they will not allowed to develop into thick hard cocoon.

After pedicure wearing his shoes, put on his shoes after completing the foot, for greater security, after returning home I remember the first thing is feet.


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